Sunday, July 3, 2011

Technology, You Are Seriously Bringing Me Down

I wanted to type a comment back to Lisa under the 'Another Avenue' blog post and I can't figure how to do it. I literally cannot comment on my own blog. And this is coming after last night's humiliation of trying to use the 'easy to understand' website building template for my website, which has resulted in contacting a web-building person. On top of that, I can't really get Twitter figured out. It's been a bad two wise.

I'm going to keep trying on the comment problem. If you see another comment pop up under that post, check and see if its mine. If it is, send me a mental pat on the back!

The bad technology news is tempered by some really cool news: I got the first proof of my first printed book, Messages. It was pretty exciting, seeing the cover Husband and I had concepted (is that a word?) in glorious full color print. I'm a graphic artist by trade, and have been for (over, eek) twenty years, so it's not quite as exciting for me as it was for him. It certainly feels like progress which is a nice counterpoint to my technology impairment.

It's almost seven on Sunday morning and it's thundering but I haven't seen any rain yet. It's such an oddly anticipatory feeling, isn't it? I'm at a point in the current book that is like that, too--thundery and full of impending excitment--and I am anxious to sit down with it. No real plans today, so I should get some good writing done. That certainly puts the technology woes on a very distant back burner.


Rachel Brooks said...

Technology is wonderful, but it can be a pain! I hope you get your comment problem resolved soon. I'll send techy-vibes your way ;)

Lisa Goodwin said...

I completely feel your pain!!!!! I have been trying to figure out how to get my picture posted just to my profile, and it appears to have worked, from my blog, profile, etc...But when I look to see if it shows up anywhere else.....nada!

In one way technology is amazing, because look at what we have been able to accomplish. You have already gotten several books published, and I am close to having the first one published, through book baby as well.

Without technology, we wouldn't be here, yet, right?

I guess we just take it as a learning experience and move on!