Sunday, April 8, 2012

The High Handed Changing of Time and Holidays

First things first, I am pretending that this Sunday is last Sunday, but without moving the holiday. That way, I have not missed a Sunday of blogging. I know you are asking yourself: "But, Chris...what will I do with all the memories I accrued from last Sunday on?" I suggest repression.

Second things second, I have decided that Easter will now be a day of thanksgiving, now and henceforth.

Okay, so, what am I grateful for today?

ONE! My excellent neighbors, Nick and Sue. They came to Shawnee last Saturday (I mean, yesterday...haha...this time-shifting is tricky stuff, indeed) for the Shawnee Craft Show. And it's a good thing they came, because no one else did! I don't even mean: no one came to see me, I mean no one came at all! Okay, exaggeration. There were a handful of people. But all in all, it was a bust. None of the vendors were jumping for joy and running around with fistfuls of dollars. It was our first really unsuccessful event, too. Seeing Nick and Sue, who are supporters of the books along with just being excellent neighbors in general, took some of the sting out of the day.

TWO! Sally Casey and the wonderful women of the Leisuretown Literary Society. They invited me to come speak at their book club meeting last Wednesday. I had a wonderful time and though they seemed to like me, they were especially taken with my Husband. In a room of fifty women, was I worried? A little, yeah. Next time I speak there, I'll bring my sister to help me out. See there, Ladies of the Leisuretown Literary Society? Even now, a story seems to be forming.

THREE! I am grateful for Relpax, without which I would have had five days of lying in the dark this past week instead of five days in the light (nauseous and aching, but in the light, nevertheless.)

FOUR! I dunno...three things might be enough for now. I can only be so grateful for so long. Of course, I am grateful for the Husband, but I guess that should be assumed by now.