Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two Bits

   So, two bits of news. Well, three, I guess. If you count health updates as news or newsworthy. The maybe-maybe not newsworthy bit first, then:
   My health has been terrible. I had four major things go wrong all in the space of ten days. I won’t detail them all, but I will tell you the culmination of the ten horrible days was an emergency route canal. It was like the diarrhea icing on the shit cake. A gross analogy, but there it is.

On to the real news. 

   Evil Eight has released. This is my latest collection of short stories and I’m really excited for it. The shorts get written in between the novels, and it warms my heart when I have the opportunity to group them together in a book. It gives them a quality of substantiation, if that makes sense. 
   Here is the Amazon link and book description:

Christine Dougherty's newest collection of short stories will have you up late into the night and then chase you down in the nightmares which are sure to follow. Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts and Human monsters alike crowd the pages of Evil Eight. Contains the best selling short story 'Stephen King'!
SECURE, Safe behind the wall.
SOUL MATES, Til death do us part. Or not.
STEPHEN KING, You don't mess with the King.
JUNKER, A father's love goes too far.
HIT, Based on actual events.
THE MUST HAVE, Christmas is gonna be a bitch.
KIDS TODAY, George Hart really likes kids.
ONE NIGHT ONLY IN THE HAUNTED WOODS, Halloween never felt so bad.

   Anyone local to me will recognize HIT from the news. I put my own spin on it and gave it an ending, since in real life, it has remained a mystery as to what happened. All names, characters and intimate events are invented. The story (the actual story) bothered me so much while it was going on, it was almost a compulsion to ‘finish’ it. I still find myself keeping an eye on the woods when I am driving in particular areas. Somebody is out there. Somewhere.

   More than half of the concepts for the stories came from the husband. So glad he’s got some kind of story-forming spark. It’s an almost unfair advantage for me.

   The next thing is that the anthology I was invited to participate in is close to publication! The book contains twenty six demon-themed short stories. Here is the info on it from the publisher, Western Legends Publishing:

The Demonologia Biblica

We’re excited to share this with you. A sneak peek at the full cover of our latest anthology, The Demonologia Biblica, edited by Dean M. Drinkel.  Check out this great list of authors Dean assembled, you might recognize a few names:

Barbie Wilde 

Tracie McBride 

Kate Jonez 

Simon Kurt Unsworth 

Raven Dane 

Jonathan Green 

Daniel I. Russell 

Christine Dougherty 

Mark West 

Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet 

Nerine Dorman 

Adrian Chamberlin 

Sean Sweeney 

Andy Taylor 

Sam Stone 

Sandra Norval 

Nicholas Vince 

Cover Artist: James Powell

   Hey, look at that! My name is on the list with a whole bunch of real writers! Does this make me a real writer, too?

    I’ll post again when it becomes available for purchase. I’m hoping to have some available for Monster Mania Con in March. Fingers crossed.