Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cautionary Tale

Indie publishing is turning out to be a rough track to run.

There's an awful lot to try and keep up with as we prepare for the book releases and I'd been keeping up with all of it pretty well...but then disaster struck: I got sick. This was right after the very sick cat and the marathon week of finishing the first draft of The Devil Stood Up. With everything tapping me, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I was, well, tapped out.

I should have known something was up when I had a small breakdown last Sunday night. The Husband was suggesting some additional things I might want to look into doing, and ... I ... melted ... down. I'm talking 'cotton candy covered, achy tummy, grimy face, overly tired four year old at the end of the fair' meltdown. It was ugly, my friends. It's actually been many years since it seemed pitching a fit was the most reasonable answer to adversity (the last time was the Moorestown Mall when I was about twenty-five...a crying jag in Boscov's two days before Christmas...picture it...).

But things are looking up now that I have a system full of antibiotics, help with the website, and a new book I'm excited to start.

As usual, time has saved me, and I am going to start drinking all my juice and taking my B vitamins. Hang in there, body. I'll try and do better by you from here on out.


Lisa Goodwin said...

Hi Chris!
It sucks when you get sick. It's like every little emotion is amplified, and at every twist and turn through out your day it seems as if the sky is falling! However, it does get better, complete your antibiotics and B vitamins!

I don't know about you, but self publishing a book seems to emulate the whole being sick thing. First you have your novel, which you have worked so hard on for any length of time, you think you're ready and then have to jump over one hurdle, and then another, and yet another. Each time the melt down mode is lurking in the darkness......waiting for it's opportunity to pounce!

Don't get down, take each little obstacle one at a time instead of looking at all 30 obstacles at once. You'll get there, you'll see!

Hope you are feeling better!

christine.dougherty said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the encouragement! I am up and at 'em again, thankfully.
Publishing is certainly a lot more complex than I would have thought, but we've learned a tremendous amount in a very short span of time...largely to the loads of information the internet puts at your disposal!