Sunday, March 18, 2012

Everything Went Better Than Expected

Back in November, I had been invited to Princeton to be interviewed by zombies on the show Zombie Etiquette. I'm game, you know? Not big on the pre-judging. I had a bit of trepidation, but not a whole ton. And I love Princeton, so any chance to visit is a good thing. So, we went (the Husband and I).
The studio was in an old school a few blocks off Nassau. We met the host--Lawrence Greenberg--right away; he was 'in makeup' when we wandered in. A very personable, good-looking man, he was transformed into a ghoul as he and I sat and talked (mainly about "The Devil Stood Up"--to my great joy, he had really LOVED the book). Lawrence and I had a good connection and I was glad because I was very nervous. Not like, throwing up on myself scared, but more trepidatious (this isn't officially a word...I'm making it one). He put me at ease and I think it shows in the interview. I am normally quite the stutterer and stammerer. We also met Marti Davis, the producer and her adorable daughter, Leila Jean (who was also quickly transformed into a gruesomely undead child--check out her page on IMDB) and the rest of the crew that helps them out. What a great bunch of people. If you ever have the privilege of being invited to be interviewed by zombies, I highly recommend it. The link to the interview is below:

P.S. I have to add this because, well, I guess I am a chronic complainer. I was sick all last week and it really sucked. I don't know why my body is turning on me like this, but it better come to its senses before drastic measures are taken.

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