Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keeping Up

Oh man, I told myself last time that I'd be better about updating my blog and now look...week and a half goes by with NO updates! Aaaaarrrrrrrgggh!

Okay, so anyway, it's with good reason, at least. I was pushing to get the new book "Born Lucky" wrapped up and guess what? I did! I finished it! I am now in the process of getting it into the hands of the early readers and then forgetting about it for a month.

It was very fun to write. It's much less visceral than the last book (The Devil Stood Up) and in a way, I really felt like I was kind of washing the residuals of Devil away with Born Lucky. JD is the main character and he is a sympathetic psychic (in other words, his visions can affect him physically!) and this is the first of the hopefully many adventures he is going to have.

I've started the next book. It's been burning a hole in the back of my mind for the last month or so and I was glad to finally sit down and write the opening scene. I'm saying no more about it for now. :)

Check for the news and updates as to where I'll be next. We have decided to cut back on the shows and signings for November and December. I need a break! Plus, this book is's just killing wants OUT!

So, out it will come.

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