Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Born Lucky

The next book, Born Lucky, Book One in the JD Chronicles is with the early readers. It's nerve-wracking, waiting to hear what they'll have to say, but luckily I have started another book. It keeps me occupied. It's too early to talk too much about this next book, but suffice to say I am having a really good time writing it. It's a subject I have wanted to tackle. Fingers crossed that it works out.
That is probably one of the most difficult things about the way I write. Because I don't plot and outline, I'm never 100% sure where the story is going (if anywhere). I just kind of type and take it on faith that my brain has a plan.

I have sent The Devil Stood Up to several book bloggers and the first review has come back. You can see it here: http://kates-reads.blogspot.com/2011/11/this-devil-will-surprise-you.html

It's a really good feeling when you get a good review, whether it's posted on a blog, sent as an email, or someone telling you verbally how much they've enjoyed something you wrote. I get such a deep sense of satisfaction from it and I really appreciate every review I get.

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