Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Husband's Been Busy

I was shocked when I realized that I haven't updated the blog in two weeks...I thought it had only been one! Have we been busy? I guess we have. The husband's marketing genius has had us at a book signing something-or-other almost every weekend this month and we already have a couple things set up for next month and the month after. The husband is a promoting maniac. I haven't totaled this month's numbers yet, but I'm pretty sure we are going to exceed last month.

Here are some links to some of the things he's managed to get set up.

These two are articles in the Collingswood Patch about the 9th Annual Book Festival:

This one is from the Medford Central Record regarding the Carriage Trade Cheese Shoppe signing:

This is from the same Medford paper but a bit more expanded:

This is the podcast that I was interviewed on. The show is called "got paranormal?" and the host is S.E. Burns:

So, wow, right? Or maybe it's more of a "holy shit" if you're inclined to speak that way (which I am...truly a foul-mouth, but don't tell my mom). Either way, it's a lot of activity and a decent amount of press.

Let's hear it for my awesome husband!


Anonymous said...

aw. Go Steve. And wasn't Halloween your anniversary? Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Michaline, it was our anniversary, thank you! We spent half the night trying to remember what year we got married. Couldn't figure it out!!
Christine Dougherty

defense attorney Delaware said...

More than your anniversary date, what matters is your union and quality of your relationship as a couple. Keeping busy as individuals and together is a nice way to keep things fresh between you but at the same time keeping in mind why you're in the journey as one.

Anonymous said...

Hi defense attorney! Well said!
Christine Dougherty