Monday, October 3, 2011

Numbers and Other Exciting Things

In September, we implemented some changes that are giving us a much better view of what we're selling. We had all four books on Amazon for Kindle by early September and transferred the rest of the distribution of the e-books to Smashwords. So, the following are our September numbers, but they don't include Barnes and Noble. In October, we'll be going direct to B&N also, so we'll have those numbers, too. For now, everything save Amazon is a mystery.

Amazon Kindle: 52
CS Paperbacks: 44
Smashwords: 6
Festival: 117
Total: 219

Overall we are pretty happy with the numbers. Why not? We don't really have anything to compare them too. When we try and look up other indie author's numbers, they're all over the board.

For the month of October, we have all the books at 99 cents and we're going to do a Twitter and Facebook campaign to see if we can boost the ebook numbers a little more.

We were a vendor at the Collingswood Book Festival on Saturday. I think we did exceptionally well there, considering the crowd was probably not my core audience. We made the local paper which was very cool. Here is the link:

October 8th We're going to be at The Witches Ball in Mount Holly, New Jersey. This is a night time event which is a new thing for us and I'm very excited. This is a Halloween Festival and I'm really hoping this will be a crowd that will love the books! Link here:

October 22nd  We'll be in Medford, New Jersey at The Carriage Trade Cheese Shoppe during the Medford Main Street Ghost Tour and I'll be signing books and sneaking nibbles of their delcious cheese. Can't wait for this one!

There is a big convention in March in Cherry Hill, New Jersey called Monster Mania (link: and they get all kinds of celebrities signing autographs and speaking. We've seen Robert Englund, Bruce Campbell, Lance Henrickson, Cary Elwess, Cory Haim or Feldman, Jake Busey, Danny Trevo...the list goes on and on! But here's the cool part, along with being vendors, I contacted the president and guess who is now in charge of swag bags for all those celebrity guests? Me! Guess what's going in the bags?*

*I hope you guessed 'a thoughtful assortment of Christine Dougherty's Novels' because then you're right! Yay for you and yay for my novels making their way from the East Coast to the West Coast in the hands of  people who may have connections in the world of horror movie-making. Pretty cool, right?

I have writing to do.


Ally said...

:D your event list sounds awesome! So much halloween goodness! you can count on me to spread the word on twitter and facebook as well!

Christine Dougherty said...

Ally, thanks! Give your puppie's faces a squeeze for me, okay? ;)

Arlee Bird said...

Busy stuff going on for you and that's all pretty cool. Sell lots of books.

I got a kick out of the news story. It mentions about how Jerry Blavat was there signing his book. I don't know how old this guy is but I suspect he's up there. I have an old record album of him doing his DJ shtick with old songs I've never heard of. I never listened to the album much because I found it rather annoying, but I can't forget the name. Weird.

Tossing It Out

christine.dougherty said...

Lee, I agree. 'Blavat' sounds like some sort of bodily evacuation.