Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Story

So, my boss at my daytime job did this incredibly nice thing: he bought a copy of Faith Creation for everyone in the department! Awesome, right? I mean, what a cool thing to do. (I tried to convince him to give out copies of Messages on Halloween, but so far, he isn't buying it...I'm a terrible salesperson.)

But, anyway, a lot of people seemed curious as to what had prompted me to write a novel so I thought I would nutshell it on here.

It all started with Kindergarten (don't worry, there will be big leaps in time, you're not in this for the long haul). I almost got kicked out for talking, did I ever tell you that? Everyone who knows me peripherally now will probably be surprised because I am the polar opposite of that chatty (and somewhat oblivious) little girl. I stopped talking because I got in trouble for it.

Fast forward to high school where I was (very quietly) taking extra english classes, one of which was creative writing and I loved it! Loved creative writing! But then one day I received a really scathing comment from the teacher on one of my 'stories' and guess what? I put the pen down. And didn't pick it up again for about thirty years.

I mean, that's effing sad, isn't it? But I was a kid. I didn't know.

Okay, so, jump ahead to last year. I'd tried drawing and painting and piano, none of which were particularly enjoyable, so then, after gathering my courage, I took a creative writing course. My wonderful instructor, Season Harper-Fox, told me I should put my short stories out for publication and I did and within six months, five had been accepted for publication. Which was kind of amazing.

So then I decided to tackle a novel. It was an idea I'd been mentally kicking around for a few years and it all just kind of poured out onto the page. And then I wrote another one. Then another. And now I'm on my fourth. Crazy, right?

So there it is. That's what happened. After a thirty year (or so) derailment, I'm back with the pen and blabbermouthing like a madwoman.

One other thing: the official christinedoughertybooks website won't be up for a couple of weeks yet, but in the meantime...check this out!

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