Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hey, I'm tryin'a DO somethin over heah!

Sundays are pretty good housekeeping days, I think, and that's pretty much what my blog is today: odds, ends, loose strings, lint on the get the idea.

First review for Faith Creation is in on Amazon!
"This thriller did exactly what a thriller should do: my stomach was in knots and I couldn't put the story down until I found out what happened to the characters! The story is well constructed and full of enticing foreshadowing and intrigue. This was my very first Kindle download, and I'm hooked! Hooked on Kindle and this author's work! I can't wait to read more."

It's really gratifying, I have to say. It's hard work, writing a book, but the harder part is putting it out there for everyone to read; I'm pretty shy by nature.

It's looking like the new website,, will be live on September 1st. We're excited for it. In the meantime, if you're of a mind, follow the links on the right for the Amazon versions of the books. Do me a favor and leave me a review!

Last thing: Welcome to anyone who finds me via The Trentonian! I'm happy to be aboard their blogger page.

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