Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Second Book

My second book is available on Amazon. Click it! Here is the scoop on the book:

Darkness Within, A Collection of Horrorific Short Stories
These bone-chilling, mind-wrenching short stories will leave you wondering about the people around you...and yourself!
The Owners-What happens to us when the original owners of the planet finally show up?
More To Me-When the ugly truth is too much to bear, some people make their own truth...and it can get even uglier.
Popcorn-Cats are the most lovable of companions...until you cross them.
Kings Mountain-Three points of view spanning one Town's story of treachery and murder.
Junie-Plumb the depths of what a woman is capable of when everything she knows is threatened.

As a reader of horror and thrillers, I can tell you that those descriptions would capture my attention. What's wrong with a little hyperbole among good friends, right? Now, if I could just get Stephen King's attention...

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