Monday, June 20, 2011


The first Faith Creation sold this weekend. Can I count the first book sold as a milestone? I think I can.

It's an odd feeling, knowing that someone, somewhere is reading Faith Creation. I had people read it for me pre-publish to give me feedback and suggestions, but that's different. To just have it 'out there' teeters me somewhere between excitement and the worst feeling of vulnerability you can imagine.

I think a lot of the vulnerability probably comes back to the voices--you know the ones I mean, right? The ones that say things like: why are you wasting your time with this? and you're going to look like the world's biggest fool when nothing sells! and everyone is going to think your book is stupid.

I've tried telling the voices to f off, but really, the best way to handle it is to plow on through, ignoring them as best you can. Just leave 'em in the dust.

The only marketing we've done so far is to post links to the book on Husband's Facebook page. I'm not much on self-promotion–since I am generally somewhat introverted...but I am trying.

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