Monday, August 6, 2012

The Devil, set free

So, we are doing this promotion where The Devil Stood Up Kindle book will be free for two days in August, the 15 & 16. This is supposed to help boost awareness of the book (theoretically). I’m a little nervous about putting Devil out there for free because of the content. I have read horror stories where people will grab a book just because it’s free regardless of whether it’s a genre they normally read…and then they’ll trash it in the reviews…because they don’t enjoy that genre.
Does it make sense? No.
Can I see it happening? Oh, yes…very much yes.

Anyone who’s read the Devil knows there is some tough stuff in it. I don’t really ever feel the need to justify the content; if you are at all aware of our world, you already know that it’s not a ‘new’ story…at least not in the case of the crime that is detailed. However, I am not so obtuse that I don’t understand the people who have a tough time reading it. I’ve read various forms of horror for as far back as I can remember, but like anything else, it’s not for everyone.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

If you’d like a free Kindle copy of The Devil Stood Up, download it on August 15 or 16 once the price drops to $0.00. If you like the book, consider leaving me a review on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be fancy…a few words would suffice. And mention it to other readers you know. I feel it would make for some good book club discussions.


Glenda Bixler said...

Christine, this was my first book reading you...I think you should not worry about the bad reviews and really go head on into marketing it...Just my opinion, of course. Come join me at Reviewers Roundup group or page on Facebook and share more!


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenda, thanks, I appreciate the encouragement! Could you email me the links to your pages?

Best Regards,