Monday, August 27, 2012


This is one of those housekeeping posts. Not enough info about any one thing to carry a column, so we’ll touch on everything.

This week, Born Lucky gets its turn in the freebie bin on August 29 and 30. Sales overall have increased with each free period, so, although I don’t fully understand the mechanics of it…it is working. Here is the Kindle link:

Grab a copy for yourself if you are Kindle inclined! And don’t forget, you don’t need a physical Kindle. If you have a smart phone or a tablet, you can get the Kindle ap and set up an account for yourself. If you do get the book, remember to go back and leave me a review. A lot of boards and blogs won’t post your book until you have a lot of reviews.

The Blood Run Trilogy is available on paperback through Amazon! I am very excited and thanks once again to the husband, the covers are really beautiful. I would venture to say that they are my favorite thus far. I will be bringing the trilogy to the Valenzano Wine Fest in September but we are only going to have a limited quantity so you better grab it the first day. I think they would make a great Christmas gift. Links to the paperbacks:

The online sales of Blood Run have been good and I think it might be because of the extra exposure it received from doing the free promotion on the first book. I had been watching a few books do the free thing on Amazon and became interested in a horror book called “Alex” by Adam J. Nicolai.  In the author’s blog, he recounted how he went from two or four book sales a day up to ninety to a hundred and twenty books a day (over time). Granted, his book has almost all five star reviews. I’m sure that has helped sales. I downloaded it and read it over two nights and it’s an entertaining read. Scary and heartfelt. Sad. Redeeming. All in all, deserving of its ratings. So if you get a chance, check it out. Link here:

In the meantime, I will watch as “Stephen King, A Short Story” rises through the ranks all on its own. Lots of interest in that little thirty-some-pager I wrote. Might have something to do with the title…? Link here:


Cynthia O said...

Listing Born Lucky led to me purchasing Faith Creation. Loved the first book (went looking for more - in case it was a series), and the "teaser" for Faith definitely compelled me to purchase it!

christine.dougherty said...

Cynthia, thanks so much! There are more Faiths and Born Luckys (Luckies?) on the way.
Best Regards,

carrie gallagher said...

You are a very talented WRITER And now my new Favorite!! (Chrisine Dougherty) Iam so glad I stummbled across your books. Devil stands up was awesome, now I'am on to evil 8 which I downloaded awhile ago and forgot about. So I'am set on my next book. :-)