Sunday, January 15, 2012

Insanely Optimistic

Or...maybe just insane.

I have a very optimistic feeling today and I'm not entirely sure why. Is it because it's the new year? Is it the nice weather? The wine I've been drinking? Oh well, who knows. Regardless of the reason, though, I have to acknowledge the frothy bubble of happiness sizzling in my brain today. "Hi frothy bubble! Glad to have you visit, even if it's only temporary!"

Maybe I've just been anticipating this Sunday. I wrote for three hours this morning and now am looking forward to an afternoon of grocery shopping and laundry. The husband and I have detoured into Starbucks and he is struggling with the wi-fi network even as I type this across from him. Later today, I'm going to roast a turkey breast for dinner.

Maybe that's what the frothy bubble feeling is for. More story, clean laundry, roast turkey and a day filled with relaxed accomplishment. Not so crazy after all, I guess.

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