Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Success at the Wine Fest

We had a table at the Valenzano Wine Fest this past weekend and I have to say, it was phenomenal! This was the first of this type of thing that we've done as far as book promotion and it was really worth it. We met so many people and sold so many books and guess what? I got my first piece of fan mail! A lady who bought Faith Creation on Saturday read it on Sunday and sent me a really nice letter on Monday! She said she couldn't put it down once she started reading it...just about the highest praise I could hope for. Thank you Karen!

Here's another cool thing that happened: a woman bought Darkness Within (the short story collection) and a short time later, my sister and I went for a break and we saw the woman sitting in the sun, enjoying a glass of wine and READING MY BOOK! My sister said "You better hope she likes it or she'll come back and kick your ass."  I laughed, but, two hours later, I saw the same woman heading back to our booth. Oh no, I thought, she really is coming back to kick my ass! She must have hated it! But guess what? She bought another book because she loved the short stories! It was flattering, but also a relief. I was pretty worn out by then. I don't know how well I could have defended myself against an assault.

My father in law, sister and her boyfriend came and helped us out. They passed out book-markers and talked people into the booth...they are probably responsible for at least half of the sales if not more. So, a very heartfelt thanks to them.

We are contemplating our next event. Hopefully the next one will go as well, but I don't know...this first one will be hard to top.


Tom Benfatti said...

This is great news Christine! Start spreading your good fortune around my way so I can make some more moolah to buy some more of your books!

Christine Dougherty said...

Tom, you have to come to a book signing and buy them all at once! Like ripping off a band-aid!